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Reb and Stef at the
National Rock & Roll Miata gathering in Cleveland, Ohio

Reb with his Del-Val tattoo
Stef with her poodle skirt


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Saturday night at the drive-in, the Del Val Miata club gathers to show off its spirit! Del-Val is the largest local chapter of the Miata Club of America. For information on joining, E-mail [email protected]

Reb participated in the "Hot laps" at the Nelson Ledges race course on Friday and Saturday. Reb turned in respectable times of 1:56 and 1:51 on the two mile course, even though he had never driven on a race course before!

Mazda was showing off their “M-Speedster,” and they even took it onto the racetrack. It served as the pace car for many of the parade laps and hot laps. Here's a picture of it coming into the pits at Nelson Ledges.

Stef showed off her poodle skirt before heading off to the drive in on Friday night. At the theater, there were about 250 miatae. The Miata gathering managed to fill the entire theater!

Andy Goldt, president of the Del-Val club, coming into the pits at the end of her Saturday hot laps session.

Saturday evening at the Crawford Auto museum, Reb & Stef found the only two seats to be had during the cocktail hour. Where else, but in Mazda's M-Speedster concept car!

There were tours through the area near the race track. One of the highlights was a tire test and mini-autocross sponsored by Dunlop. Here, Reb & Stef are getting ready to take a spin on Dunlop Dave's tires.

We've always thought that Miata club people were kind and considerate. Fortunately, we only ran into one crab at the Cleveland event.

At the end of the rally we all got to tour the unopened Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. We were the first group tour through the facility. It was about one week prior to opening and there was still a lot of work being done. We took a group photo outside prior to entering.

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