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Recently, John Hunt and Amy Lam were married near Sonoma, California. There were many celebrants. Here are pictures of a few of them.

On the left are the male members of the wedding party. On the right are John and Amy with a number of Amy's friends and relations. People came from all over the world for the celebration, from China, Sweden, and the U.K. as well as all parts of the U.S.A.

The ceremony took place at the front entrance to the winery. It was quite pretty there. Behind the big wooden doors is the wine cellar. It contains many large casks of wine passing the months prior to bottling. The happy couple probably wasn't thinking of that during the ceremony, though.

Behind the winery are 90 acres of wetlands. The land serves as a duck sanctuary. Stef is standing next to a statue and plaque dedicating the sanctuary.

Ryan saw the duck statue and thought it would look nice to have a picture with the ducks in this statue coming out of his head. We prefer to think of the photo as ducks leaving something on his head.

After the ceremony, most everyone stayed in one of two hotels on the main square in Sonoma. It was quite a beautiful and peaceful place. But, you never can tell what's going to happen -- particularly in California. Although we saw the police drive through town a few times before everyone went off to bed, they obviously were not keeping close enough tabs on the vehicles of the celebrants.

Unfortunately for John, a few vandals found his car between the time he parked it and when he returned the next morning. After much searching, the Cafe has obtained photographs purported to be of the vandals in action. They appear to be scrawling messages on John's vehicle.

Poor John, I bet he thought that this kind of thing only happened in New York. The vandals, we're told, left with smiles on their faces. They knew the happy couple would be driving home that morning getting the attention from other drivers that they so richly deserved.

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